Is Your File Safe at Cloud Storage ?

Cloud storage is a remote servers where you able to store your files. These remote servers are locate in data center and connected with high speed Internet connection. The technology is so convenient that enable you to store and access your files using any devices. Basically, you can retrieve your files using devices such as computer, laptop, tablet, smart phones, etc, but make sure those devices are connected to Internet connection. This advance file storing method is so useful that you can even share your files with others. Don’t get me wrong, files sharing doesn’t mean you need to download the file, attach it email message and send it over to your recipient. That is such an old school method. You just need to provide the link to those you want them to access the file and you that it ! It is so simple and easy.

This storage method will keep your file in the remote server and well protected by providers. The files you deem backup will be accessible whenever you need no matter where you located. However, I understand that many are worried about how secure it is since the files are store remotely. Here I am going to the answer your over imagined fears about cloud storage security that mentioned by many others.

Cloud Storage Security Technology

The reason why cloud storage become a questionable method of storing data is because of third-parties are involved. Indirectly, you are giving your data to another person. It is like depositing your money to a bank, you are storing your hard earn money to third party. You need to make sure the company is a trusted one, implementing strict security protocol, in such a way data may actually be safer in the cloud than local computer.

Data Center

Security is the top priority for any data center in the world. Many providers will invest a lot to provide the most advance hardware and updated software to strengthen any possibly loop hole. For enterprise-level of cloud storage provider, many guarantee:

  • Professional technical support is being employed to monitor the cloud storage system. Using a variety of tools to monitor network activities for malicious activities and user account activity logging to watch for any possible sign of threats to data security.
  • Data are transfer and store at the remote server through encryption. Advance encryption algorithms such as TLS/SSL are often used to safeguard data while at rest in the cloud.
  • Secure access to the account using authorization and authentication process to monitor user activity to the service and to data. User is provided with login method such as password, biometrics and token access to make sure the login in unique.
  • Data center installed with surveillance cameras, temperature controls, redundant power supply and fire suppression systems to protect data at physical storages site. These are the measured factor for some providers if they are choose to outsource this part.

Boston University give a comprehensive elaboration about cloud storage security. For my personal opinion, the real problem with cloud storage security is down the people. Americans have a very sloppy password protocols. When you store a terabytes of data in third party server, you might as well stand naked on the street. And though, many of us are laughing at the recent celebrities nude photos that leaked, we have to bear in mind the misuse of private of data can have serious consequences to economy.

photo leaked


I am NOT getting enough space to store my data

Like many of us, I store my documents, pictures, songs and movies in my hard disk. Nowadays, file size in getting larger with high definitions video and millions pixels of pictures quality, finding larger hard disk really give me headache. I have a few external drives and categories them to store my files. However, I found this is not to good solution. It is never ending process of looking for larger disk space to store my files. Until I have come across the article from Wikipedia Article “What is cloud storage ?” 

For example hosting a website, you put all your data, picture, video, music on the space that given by the hosting company. This works pretty much the same concept  ! You are given a space in the company data center to store all your files. Your data will be stored on server remotely and accessed from the Internet, so called “cloud”. Usually the data center is maintain, operated and manage by third party. Cloud storage provider will built on the storage servers using visualization techniques to provide their service to client.

Stanford University is investigating in cloud storage to find a better way to store the data. Many university services has a large amount of data to store, and IT services should leverage the cloud.

Cloud storage is the answer to me and I won’t worry about my hard disk space anymore ! I will just store my data to the web. I know I can access them anywhere I go. Although there flip side of cloud storage, I strongly believe cloud storage technology is improving and the future of Internet is all about Cloud.

Cloud Storage

There are few points to take home:

  • Cloud storage is a term for storing data to the web
  • Cloud computing is internet-based computing for large groups of remote servers which results as cloud storage
  • Using cloud storage, you can access your information quicker, easier and more secure.
  • Services such as Yahoo mail, google document, youtube, flickr is using cloud computing. You allow to store data online and access web service from any location.