The MYTH of Free Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage market is very competitive, companies provide a lot of attractive features to gain market shares. There are several companies in the market allow you to store your data in the cloud without any charges. These companies will ask you for referral to increase your storage space. The company that offer free cloud storage such as Mozy and Dropbox. You just need to subscribe to their plan with valid email address, you can enjoy the free storage space with no strings attached.

What’s the benefits from this free storage?

For any free account that you using, the amount of storage space that you having is limited. Normally you are given 2GB of free storage space with a free account. However, you can still benefits from the features. Usually with this free account, you are able to store a small size of data remotely without worry the loss. This free account work perfectly like another usb drive where you able to access it anywhere you go. Apart from small storage space, the encryption and security is performing as usual to keep your data safe.

What you get from Mozy Free Storage

Mozy Free Trial
For Mozy free cloud storage, you will enjoy:

  • 2GB free storage
  • Email to subscribe
  • No credit card required
  • Automatic or scheduled backups
  • Mozy stash for file synchronization
  • Mobile apps
  • Data encryption during backup
  • Desktop application

What you get from Dropbox Free Storage

Dropbox Free Trial
For Dropbox free cloud storage, you will enjoy:

  • 2GB cloud storage space, up to totally 16GB for referrals
  • No credit card required
  • Multi platform compatible
  • Public file link sharing and file collaboration
  • Private and public folder
  • Data encryption to protect users data
  • Able to set bandwidth manually
  • Desktop and mobile application

2Gb Free Storage

How big is 2GB ? Here is how you can think of 2GB – You able to hold an average of 500 songs, for emails, it can hold up to 2,000 emails and for photos, it can hold up to 600 photos.

Free Account Limitation

With free account, there is limitation on the storage space that you can use. If you need more space to store your files, you will have to subscribe to normal plan. Your data will remain kept securely in their server although you upgrade from a free account to paid account. You still access using the same account.

Usually, free account user will be able to have access to live support. You will not able for online chat assistant and not able to submit any support ticket if there is anything happen to your files. However, free account user able to access to their FAQ section if you need help. Aside from support, free account user is able to enjoy the common features of cloud storage that listed above.

Try It Before You Subscribe

For any free cloud storage company, you can try the services before choose to commit to any paid plan. All you need to do is just provide them with a valid email address, no credit card details required. You are under no obligation or whatsoever while enjoy the free stuff.

You can subscribe the as many trial as possible at the same time to choose the provider that you prefer the most. You can evaluate the company yourself by using their services. You have nothing to lose with the free cloud storage. I strongly encourage you to download the free trial before you decide.


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5 Reasons Why Cloud Storage is Important

Most likely you have heard the term “Cloud Storage”. Cloud storage is a virtual location where all the data are kept remotely on the web. This infrastructure setup link many servers together in the data center and protected by  high security software to prevent any anonymous Internet attack. Internet users like you and me, will keep the precious information on the cloud.

Read the 5 reasons below why cloud storage is important:

  1. Cloud may be the safest place to keep your data.
    • Cloud storage providers offer data encryption while transferring your data from local device to remote server. Data being kept inside the server are encrypted with key. This point is more secure compare to any hard disk where you can access all the information once is connected.
    • Physical storage might have a chance of stolen or damage. If you truly looking for solution to protect your data physically or virtually, cloud storage is the way to go.
  2. Collaborate data make easy.
    • Compare to physical hardware, cloud storage make data collaboration a lot easier. Many cloud storage providers will built in file sharing features along with their services. Co-worker can make changes on their own and changes made will be transfer to the cloud. Everybody will notice the update version of files.
    • Features that benefits the collaboration such as file versioning, commenting options, syncronization, file sharing, real time document editing and etc. This save a lot of time and hassle when working together.
  3. Cost savings for your business
  4. You probably already using it.
    • Without your notice, you already adapting into the cloud. The web services you using all the while is a part of the product of cloud storage. You may not realise the emails you using, iTunes, banking facility, facebook, etc. all are cloud-base as well.
  5. Huge opportunity that you can’t resist

You have more reasons to use cloud storage, leave your point at the comment section. If you not agree, tell me.


I am NOT getting enough space to store my data

Like many of us, I store my documents, pictures, songs and movies in my hard disk. Nowadays, file size in getting larger with high definitions video and millions pixels of pictures quality, finding larger hard disk really give me headache. I have a few external drives and categories them to store my files. However, I found this is not to good solution. It is never ending process of looking for larger disk space to store my files. Until I have come across the article from Wikipedia Article “What is cloud storage ?” 

For example hosting a website, you put all your data, picture, video, music on the space that given by the hosting company. This works pretty much the same concept  ! You are given a space in the company data center to store all your files. Your data will be stored on server remotely and accessed from the Internet, so called “cloud”. Usually the data center is maintain, operated and manage by third party. Cloud storage provider will built on the storage servers using visualization techniques to provide their service to client.

Stanford University is investigating in cloud storage to find a better way to store the data. Many university services has a large amount of data to store, and IT services should leverage the cloud.

Cloud storage is the answer to me and I won’t worry about my hard disk space anymore ! I will just store my data to the web. I know I can access them anywhere I go. Although there flip side of cloud storage, I strongly believe cloud storage technology is improving and the future of Internet is all about Cloud.

Cloud Storage

There are few points to take home:

  • Cloud storage is a term for storing data to the web
  • Cloud computing is internet-based computing for large groups of remote servers which results as cloud storage
  • Using cloud storage, you can access your information quicker, easier and more secure.
  • Services such as Yahoo mail, google document, youtube, flickr is using cloud computing. You allow to store data online and access web service from any location.