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Hi, I’m Cloudie Powell and I am technical support, blogger and entrepreneurs. I helped passionate entrepreneurs to solve their technology problems, overcome their fear of technical failure and continue to do the business they loved.

I believe in truth + happiness + passion to live life to fullest ! I’m all for learning in life. And then learning in some more.


in Ideas. Power of Attraction. The power of LOVE.

You need to be self-responsibility and self-expression towards your own life and I know for sure you need to love someone like how you love yourself and that is what life make for.

I passionate to explore gadget and try on new things, especially those services on the web. I believe, technology can make lives easier. The future generations is about Internet.


somehow, the piece of thing need a lot of failure and testing until the technology gets mature. Is very similar to life, you will face a lot of problems, and you just need to handle it one by one , to become a better person.

Question I ask myself, is Internet really a good thing ? Internet make our world smaller, in the other hand, Internet too make individual a stranger.

If you have something to share with me, email to me! clodie189[at]yahoo.com

When I am NOT at my desk there’s a good chance you’ll find me:

Working out at gym; riding my bike; outing with my family; reading a good book; learning more about myself !

I’m so glad you dropped by:

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