Cloud Company withdraws unlimited cloud storage offer and threatens to delete extra data if not backed up

If you subscribing to any cloud storage. Please check with your provider before your data being deleted !

Storage Servers

Cloud Storage Company Bitcasa, which used to offer unlimited Cloud Storage for just $99/year has backed out from the deal from which it secured many users. The company has now announced that it is going to withdraw its unlimited IP Storage offer from all its current and new cloud users’ account.

Bitcasa has also gone a bit ahead and said that all those users who fail to move their data by November 15th, 2014 from their respective accounts, will have to face the consequences.

The company has openly confessed that it is going to delete all that data which has crossed the 15GB limit as per universal cloud policy of storing data from this year. That means, cloud storage providers are nowadays offering a minimum 15GB free storage limit to all its users. So, all Bitcasa cloud storage users who have more than 15GB of data on their…

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