Cloud Storage for Photos Sharing

Probably you already know what cloud storage can make your day easier or maybe you still do not have a better picture how this web service play an important role in your everyday life. I will share with you my little experience for cloud storage.

My wife bought me an IPhone5 for my birthday present and I was like “Thanks dear, I love it !” The first thing I do is take a few pictures and load the phone with few songs from iTunes. When I check through the settings, there is a iCloud service. This is how I begin to dig deeper, how the cloud storage works.

With Apple single sign on ID, I can access my pictures and songs from my MacBook, iPod or iPad. I can access my important document from anywhere I go. The experience was so cool when I first use iCloud service, although I didn’t know what’s going on behind the device. If you own an Apple device, perhaps you already one of the member among the cloud community without you notice it. Go to to learn more about cloud storage.

apple cloud storage

iCloud by far is the most convenient way to share your photos and videos. You can share to the exact people you want them to see. Just create a shared album and invite them to add their photos and videos. This group can comment on the photos and videos. Everyone in the group can access the shared album from any apple device at any time.

iCloud is one out of many cloud storage provider in the web. If you are against Apple product, no worry, there are plenty of other cloud storage provider you can choose. Here, I list a few services where you can get your photos off your camera, off your computer and store them into the cloud.

Cloud Storage File Sharing

Below are 5 services for photo sharing:

  1. Pinterest
    • You can create your own image collection of things you love and you can add your friends how having the same interest. Pinterest is available for free. Go to Pinterest.
  2. Imgur
    • Imgur provides a simple and user friendly¬†way to host and share images on the web. The website claim that Imgur is “the simple image sharer”. Go to Imgur.
  3. Flickr
    • This photo sharing network support multiple uploads from emails, mobile devices and desktops. Flickr is own by Yahoo!, it provides special features to create slideshows from your photos. Go to Flickr.
  4. Photobucket
    • Photobucket provide a platform for users to uploads photos and videos. You can find photos, videos and graphics from the platform. This site come with excellent browser-based image editor. Go to Photobucket.
  5. 9Gag
    • 9Gag is a site where users upload a lot funny images and videos. You can find the best funny pictures and vides inside the website. Go to 9Gag.

Photo sharing has become the popular to stay engaged with your friends and family. These websites let you upload, share, comment and share through social media. Take your time to explore the new things, I’m sure you will love it.


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