5 Reasons Why Cloud Storage is Important

Most likely you have heard the term “Cloud Storage”. Cloud storage is a virtual location where all the data are kept remotely on the web. This infrastructure setup link many servers together in the data center and protected by  high security software to prevent any anonymous Internet attack. Internet users like you and me, will keep the precious information on the cloud.

Read the 5 reasons below why cloud storage is important:

  1. Cloud may be the safest place to keep your data.
    • Cloud storage providers offer data encryption while transferring your data from local device to remote server. Data being kept inside the server are encrypted with key. This point is more secure compare to any hard disk where you can access all the information once is connected.
    • Physical storage might have a chance of stolen or damage. If you truly looking for solution to protect your data physically or virtually, cloud storage is the way to go.
  2. Collaborate data make easy.
    • Compare to physical hardware, cloud storage make data collaboration a lot easier. Many cloud storage providers will built in file sharing features along with their services. Co-worker can make changes on their own and changes made will be transfer to the cloud. Everybody will notice the update version of files.
    • Features that benefits the collaboration such as file versioning, commenting options, syncronization, file sharing, real time document editing and etc. This save a lot of time and hassle when working together.
  3. Cost savings for your business
  4. You probably already using it.
    • Without your notice, you already adapting into the cloud. The web services you using all the while is a part of the product of cloud storage. You may not realise the emails you using, iTunes, banking facility, facebook, etc. all are cloud-base as well.
  5. Huge opportunity that you can’t resist

You have more reasons to use cloud storage, leave your point at the comment section. If you not agree, tell me.



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